Advocacy Opportunity:  House Bill 971 Hearing Scheduled for March 8, 2023

We have been closely following Representative Melanie Stinnett’s legislation, House Bill 971, the Employment Programs for Persons with Disabilities. It has moved out of the Healthcare Reform Committee to the Rules-Administrative Oversight Committee.

The hearing is March 8, 2023 at 4:30 p.m. or upon adjournment.

Important Note:
House Bill 970 was combined with House Bill 971 which was a bill regarding Competitive Integrated Employment for individuals with disabilities. So now, House Bill 971 refers to BOTH Ticket to Work AND Competitive Integrated Employment.
Many self-advocates have shared why these issues are important to them by submitting in person or written testimony, talking to the sponsoring legislator (Representative Melanie Stinnett) or contacting their own legislator.

Is this bill important to you? How does this bill impact your life? This is an advocacy opportunity.

  1. If this bill is important to you, you can contact members of the Rules-Administrative Oversight Committee to share your experience. Click here to see the committee members.
    1. If YOUR legislator is a member of this committee, it is important to share your experience and how this bill impacts you.
  2. Continue to share your experiences with the sponsoring legislator, Representative Melanie Stinnett and your Representatives and Senators.
  3. Do you have an experience with employment or Ticket to Work? Are you comfortable sharing this experience at a possible future hearing?
    1. If this bill continues to move, there will be the potential for a hearing in the Senate.
    2. A hearing can be scheduled with only a few days notice. We will continue to provide updates on opportunities to share your experience.
    3. Please email Leigh Anne Haun at if you wish to receive alerts on when this bill has a hearing.

To learn more about how a bill becomes a law, click here for a resource from the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence in partnership with the Missouri Foundation for Health.