House Bill 971 will be debated TOMORROW, March 23, 2023, on the House Floor!

What does this mean:

  1. If this bill is important to you, you can contact your State Representative.  Share with your representative how this bill will impact you. This will educate your representative on your perspective before they participate in the floor debate tomorrow.
  2. Continue to share your experiences with the sponsoring legislator, Representative Melanie Stinnett, and your Representatives and Senators.

Important Note:
House Bill 970 was combined with House Bill 971 which was a bill regarding Competitive Integrated Employment for individuals with disabilities. So now, House Bill 971 refers to BOTH Ticket to Work AND Competitive Integrated Employment.

Talking Points and Information about the bill:

There are provisions of this bill that remove some barriers for people with disabilities seeking employment:

  • The ability of people to save for retirement, consider marriage and retain access to personal care assistance services and non-emergency medical transportation will serve to create more opportunities for people with disabilities to engage in this program.
  • The bill would provide a disregard for the first $50,000 of a spouse’s income. This could remove the burden of considering whether getting married is going to threaten access to the healthcare for people with disabilities.
  • It would exclude retirement accounts from asset limit calculations. This would potentially allow people with disabilities to participate more fully in retirement savings.

Please email Leigh Anne Haun at if you have any questions.