Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council Community Alliance Summit (CAS)

Project Grantee:  ALAS (Alliance for Leadership, Advancement and Success)

Project Background

The purpose of this project is to replicate the successful, capacity building Community Alliance Summit (CAS), that was initially created by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council (PADDC). The original CAS not only led to collaborative systems change advocacy but also became a catalyst for separate Community Grant Projects. These smaller grants ($10,000 each) were intended to bring together people, with and without disabilities, in a local community initiative to influence social change and improve the lives of everyone in the community.

The original CAS assisted with creating systems change in local communities to meet the needs of people with disabilities and affirm the status of people with disabilities as full and equal members, while supporting the needs of diverse communities. While community grants are not a component of this specific project, it is important to be aware that this is a long term outcome of this proposed project; and the importance for this project to develop deep networking opportunities, an understanding of cultural intersectionality, and how it all could build towards collaborative, long term systems change advocacy. Systems change advocacy that is led in a collaborative cross-disability and cross-cultural effort.

Project Description

The overall goal is to meet and engage new diverse potential allies, stimulate learning from one another, and explore opportunities for partnerships and collaboration.  Their Summit is a one day event, inviting all diverse organizations throughout the state to meet and participate. The plan is to maximize the power of our allied communities through the discovery of alliances and collaboration building led by underserved/unserved populations who experience marginalization and oppression.


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Project Lead

ALAS (Alliance for Leadership, Advancement and Success)
Jordana Vera
918 E. Calhoun
Springfield, MO 65802

More Information

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