Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council Family to Family Resource Center (MF2F)

Grantee:  University of Missouri - Kansas City

Project Background

MoF2F has developed several new strategies to support individuals and families as they respond to the COVID pandemic. MoF2F started hosting weekly virtual “Good Life Groups” for individuals with disabilities and their families to learn, share, and engage on current issues they are facing. The telephone Information and Referral (I&R) supports have been expanded to include a more targeted problem-solving and planning sessions called Tele-Navigation Supports hosted via Zoom. In addition, a weekly email newsletter has been developed called the Good Life Gazette to provide timely information and opportunities. This newsletter is distributed to the MoF2F listserv and on social media platforms.

Project Description

Missouri Family-to-Family Resource Center (MoF2F) in providing individuals with developmental disabilities and their families with the information, skills, opportunities, and support that lead to independence, productivity, self-determination, integration and inclusion. MoF2F is a true testament of the strong partnership and commitment between the Missouri’s University Center on Excellence on Developmental Disabilities and the Missouri Developmental Disability Council to achieve the goals of the Developmental Disability Act 2000 and Missouri’s MDDC FY2017-2022 State Plan and Objectives.

Project Lead

Stacy Morse