Urgent Attention Needed:  Missouri Senate Advances Senate Bill 3.

The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 28th.

What is the September 28th hearing about?

The House Budget Committee will hold a hearing on the Senate-passed tax cut bill (Senate Bill 3) as well as three house proposals on September 28th at noon (12 pm) in the State Capitol Building, House Hearing Room 3. 

What is in Senate Bill 3?

  1. Wealthy people will benefit more from this bill than low income or middle class Missourians.
  2. The bill will decrease state revenue by more than one billion dollars per year.
    • Even with the large amount of money currently in the state budget, we have many unmet needs as a state – including struggling to take care of abused and neglected

How you can advocate:

Policymakers should consider strengthening the earned income tax credit, a tax credit for workers with low wages. This could help ensure that it would benefit working families.
Policymakers also need to hear YOUR story and how you benefit from state funded programs, like Medicaid.

  • Share your experiences, good and bad, with these programs.
  • Share what it would mean for your life if there was not enough funding for these programs.
  • Share how you are currently utilizing these programs.

If you can’t come in person to the hearing, you may submit a written testimony.
Instructions for submitting written testimony:

  • Go to the Committee Hearing Page:
  • In the table of hearings, click on the Budget Committee to expand the hearing details, a box should pop up with the hearing details.
  • On the top right corner of that box, there should be a link to Submit Written Testimony.

We are grateful to our friends at the Missouri Budget Project for providing detailed and helpful information about this bill. For more information on the Missouri Budget Project or to sign up for their emails you can visit their website.