About the State Plan

The mission of the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council (MODDC) is to assist individuals, families, and the community to include all people with developmental disabilities in every aspect of life. We are committed to expanding access to resources and demanding society respect all people, including people with developmental disabilities. During the development of our 2022-2026 State Plan, we:

  • conducted a statewide needs assessment,
  • received extensive public input,
  • reviewed data and trends
  • researched best practices, and
  • partnered with UMKC-IHD to compile a Comprehensive Review and Analysis

The Council used this information to develop a state plan with goals that focus on self-advocacy, quality of life across the lifespan, and leading systems change. The plan also places health equity, racial bias, and discrimination at the forefront of its activities to achieve these goals.

The 2022-2026 State Plan begins October 1, 2021, and ends September 30, 2026.

MODDC 2022-2026 State Plan

Goal 1: Self-Advocacy Advances Rights and Inclusion
Effective self-advocacy strategies secure the rights to self-determination and inclusion for people with developmental disabilities.

  • Objective 1a: By September 30, 2026, the DD Network (MODDC, Missouri Protection and Advocacy Services, and UMKC Institute for Human Development) will develop five resources to build capacity for alternatives to guardianship.
  • Objective 1b: By September 30, 2026, implement five best practices that will increase self-determination, leadership and participation of self-advocates in cross-disability or culturally diverse coalitions.

Goal 2: Healthy, Educated, and Connected People Thrive
Missourians with developmental disabilities live in safe communities that enhance the quality of life across the lifespan. This includes, but is not limited to, barrier-free access to transportation, technology, healthcare, education, employment, housing, social services, cultural activities, and recreation.

  • Objective 2a: By September 30, 2026, implement three systems change activities that deliver enhanced equity of people with developmental disabilities.
  • Objective 2b: By September 30, 2026, create and implement 10 promising practices that connect individuals with developmental disabilities across the lifespan with inclusive networks.

Goal 3: Informed Leaders Make Change Happen
People with developmental disabilities and family members guide changes to Missouri laws, policies, and practices by informing decision-makers and educating the public about challenges and solutions.

  • Objective 3a: By September 30, 2026, provide ten grassroots activities that inform people with developmental disabilities and their family members of current systems barriers and opportunities so they become more informed leaders in their communities.
  • Objective 3b: By September 30, 2026, implement recommendations that resulted from Latinx Seeds grants and Partners Latinx work, to develop two projects that will result in solutions to eliminate challenges and barriers experienced by the Latinx community.
  • Objective 3c: By September 30, 2026, educate and advise policymakers on at least 15 federal or state bills, executive orders, or regulations that impact people with developmental disabilities.