Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council Teledentistry (Dental Telehealth)

Project Background

Individuals with I/DD are at risk for dental disease. They may have challenges in accessing both routine and preventive dental services. Poor oral health impacts health and quality of life across the lifespan. Reasons include higher rates, periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene, fear of treatment, and lack of awareness. Other factors accessing dental care includes lack of education and clinical training. Also due to minimal levels of compensation to providers.

Project Description

Missouri Coalition for Oral Health (MCOH) will operate three pilot programs in Missouri. They will provide dental telehealth services in the pilot programs. Dental telehealth provides preventative and early intervention services in the community. A dental hygienist working at a community site provides a complete oral health assessment that dentists review later. A treatment plan is created by the dentist.

The project will create materials and trainings for dental professionals on the use of dental telehealth. It will share best practices for dental health care services for individuals with I/DD. The training will focus on dental providers so they can use teledentistry technologies. It will help them build awareness of how the state reimburses for teledentistry. Also, it will help them understand teledentistry practice act guidelines. MCOH will develop and execute these trainings.