Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council Health Status in Missouri

Project Grantee:  UMKC-IHD

Project Background

There's a lack of research looking at health disparities among individuals with I/DD across the lifespan specific to Missouri. Improving health outcomes and health equity requires good policies. Good policies need good data. Individuals with I/DD are often left out of national health surveys. There is no research that is specific to Missouri and has explored the intersectionality of I/DD. Intersectionality includes disabilities, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, rural vs. urban, gaps in healthcare.

Project Description

UMKC-IHD will complete a research project. It will look at the differences and similarities between individuals with I/DD and the general population.

They will look at health status, behavioral health, health results and disease across the lifespan. Key indicators include intersectionality. Or, connections between I/DD and other factors. Including race, ethnicity, social standing or class, rural vs. urban, and gaps in healthcare for individuals with I/DD in Missouri.

It will conduct an analysis to explore a gap in the data on healthcare in Missouri for people with I/DD. The study will compare data on healthcare collected for the general population. It will report findings in an impactful way for people with I/DD.

This project believes that quality, accessible data can improve community health.

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