The Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council (MODDC) is a unique entity bringing together people with diverse perspectives who are appointed by the Governor. If you would like to request to be on the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council complete this application.  For assistance with the application, please email You must fall under the following membership criteria.

Membership includes:

  • People with developmental disabilities and their family members
  • Representatives of state agencies and service providers
  • Advocates and other interested citizens

The Council is mandated through Public Law 106-402 to assure that 60 percent of its membership consists of individuals with developmental disabilities and family members. At least one of the individuals or family members shall be an individual with a developmental disability who resides or previously resided in an institution or an immediate relative or guardian of an individual with a developmental disability who resides or previously resided in an institution. The remaining 40 percent is made up of representatives of state agencies that develop policy and support programs utilized by individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. These include representation from Vocational Rehabilitation, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), The Older Americans Act, Titles V and XIX of the Social Security Act, University Centers of Excellence, and Protection and Advocacy. In addition, Missouri state statute 633.020 appends that at least one member shall be a manager or a member of the board of directors of a sheltered workshop.

Current members

Enfield, Cathy:  Advocate, (Council Chairperson)

Brewer, Michael:  Bureau Chief, Senior Programs, DHSS

Briscoe, Stephanie: Parent

Crandall, Lisa:  Title V (Maternal & Child Health) Agency Representative

Davis, Wendy:  Division of Developmental Disabilities Representative

Dowell, Dale:  Parent

Eckles, Susan:  Missouri Protection & Advocacy Services Representative

Frazier, Michael: Local Non-Gov't Agency/Sheltered Workshop Representative (ad hoc)

Galt, Elizabeth:  Advocate

Gilpin, Barb:  IDEA Agency Representative

Haas, Allen  Title XIX (Medicaid) Agency Representative

Hoffmeister, Michelle:  Parent

Martinez, Gerardo:  University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Representative

Mayfield, Todd:  Parent

Maynard, Rebecca:  Rehabilitation Act Agency Representative

Nelson, Allen:  Advocate

Neshek-Dowe, Jean: Parent

Stahlberg,Kit:  Advocate

Willard, Diana:  Advocate

Williams, Sharon:  Parent

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