HB1878 will disproportionately impact people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

House Bill 1878 is currently headed to the Senate Floor for a vote. HB 1878 modifies provision for voter identification.

What Advocates Should Know:

There are a number of provisions in this bill that could disproportionately impact people with disabilities.

  • Enshrines strict voter ID laws which would require people to cast a provisional ballot if they did not have one at the time of placing their vote. This leaves verification up the discretion of the Election Authority on whether to count that ballot significantly delaying the vote tabulation process, allowing for discretion from election authorities, and creating voter apprehension and potentially discouragement from casting a ballot.
  • This would prohibit election authorities from receiving grants to expand their services. Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council (MODDC) has heard from our election authority friends and partners that often times limited funding prohibits their ability to do things like mail sample ballots, create additional signage, and add trainings for poll workers.
  • It would prohibit anyone from being paid for voter registration work, impeding organizations whose staff do voter registration in their work.

This bill is currently moving quickly and headed to the Senate Floor. If this bill concerns you, you may contact your senator to educate on the importance of accessible voting.

Those interested in contacting their senator, can do so here: Legislator Lookup | Missouri Senate (mo.gov)


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