2021 Partners Graduates Session

Graduates of Missouri Partners in Policymaking are encouraged to participate in the 2021 Partners Graduates Session! The event will be held virtually on Saturday, November 6, 2021, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m CST. Register for the event!

About the Event

The theme for the event will be "Building Momentum: Advocacy Ahead of the Legislative Session." In your Partners in Policymaking experience, you learned all about educating legislators and telling your story. Continue your advocacy journey when legislators are out of session, learn about what issues may be important in 2022, and learn how to build productive relationships with your legislators before the next legislative session begins. Speakers for the event will include Allan Bergman and Robyn Schelp.

This event is for graduates of Missouri Partners in Policymaking. The event will be held via Zoom and registration is required. Visit the Partners Graduates Session registration page to register for the event. If you have questions about the event, contact Katheryne Staeger-Wilson via email at kstaeger-wilson@moddcouncil.org or phone at (417) 895-7446. Monitor this page for additional event updates.

Event Highlights

Theme: Building Momentum: Advocacy Ahead of the Legislative Session

Issues: Voting, Education, and Employment First

  • Session 1: Advocacy Opportunities Happening Now and Building Relationships with Legislators
  • Session 2: Policy Alignment: Moving from a Medical Model to Gifts, Strengths, and Interests
  • Session 3: Preparing for Meetings with Legislators


Allan Bergman smiling

Allan Bergman

CEO, HIGH IMPACT Mission-based Consulting & Training

Allan Bergman is the CEO of HIGH IMPACT Mission-based Consulting & Training. A nationally recognized change agent and thought leader in cross-disability policy and “best practices,” Allan brings over 45 years of experience at the local, state and federal levels as a service provider, legislative advocate, policy analyst, strategic planner, culture change/organizational transformation designer, board governance consultant, group facilitator and trainer (including 34 continuous years in Partners in Policymaking). Allan also brings a personal perspective to his work. He is the father of Dina, a charming young lady who lives in her own condo with self-directed supports, drives and owns a car and has multiple achievements beyond special education predictions. Allan is also Mindy’s stepfather. Mindy is a lovely young lady who lives in a group home with three other women, participates in integrated community day supports, and has competitive integrated employment.

Robyn Schelp smiling

Robyn Schelp

President, MoDE

Robyn Schelp is the president and registered lobbyist for Missouri Disability Empowerment (MoDE). She first discovered her passion for disability advocacy when her insurance company continued to deny coverage of therapies for her son with disabilities. Robyn led a successful push to get the autism insurance mandate expanded to cover children with other disabilities. This effort opened her eyes to many other disability issues in the state. She and a group of like-minded friends founded MoDE, whose mission is to empower individuals and promote inclusion through advocacy efforts that lead to legislative and policy change. When not busy advocating, Robyn homeschools her children and is active in her church. She lives in Columbia, MO, with her husband and three boys.