Sensory Inclusive Medical Training Opportunity

Currently in the United States today, one in six individuals has a sensory processing need. Due to the increasing numbers of individuals being diagnosed with a sensory need, it is important that we are continuously working to create environments where individuals feel regulated and are able to tolerate a vaccination to the best of their ability.

In collaboration with the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council (MODDC) and Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), KultureCity, a leading nonprofit on sensory accessibility, is offering their Sensory Inclusive Medical training to vaccinators FREE of charge to expand sensory accessibility and support for medical professionals.  

We encourage vaccinators to participate in the training to assist in creating acceptance and inclusion for all. In return, you’ll receive a certification and FREE sensory bag. Each bag is filled with items that can help lessen sensory overload and engage with both adults and children. The included items can easily be cleaned and sterilized for multiple uses!

More details about the training are below. Any vaccinator interested in taking this FREE training, can sign up here: KultureCity – Training

Training Overview

This training is designed to help patients with sensory needs like PTSD, autism, dementia, and strokes just to name a few, feel welcomed and ensured a successful clinical visit.

Designed by trained medical professionals and therapists, the training covers the following:

  • What sensory needs/ invisible disabilities are?
  • Why someone should care about this
  • How to recognize that someone is in a sensory overload or might have a sensory need?
  • How to help these patients when they are in sensory overload
  • How best to create a successful clinical outcome


The training is a 38-minute video followed by a 10-question randomized quiz (note: a score of 70% required to pass).


At the end of a successful test, your certificate of qualification is emailed to you.

Upcoming Vaccination Events

The Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council is collaborating with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and KultureCity to host a series of mobile vaccination events Missouri Sept. 12-17. Find a vaccination event near you.

Our primary audience for these events is people with developmental disabilities but the events are open to everyone.

Funding for the sensory inclusive vaccinations events is provided by the Missouri Developmental Disabilities Council, in partnership with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, UMKC Institute for Human Development and Missouri Protection and Advocacy.