Legislative Update: Employment And Health Assurance

We had a busy week advocating with lawmakers regarding  HB 971 on Competitive Integrated Employment and HB 970 on Ticket to Work Health Assurance. MODDC has been providing updates and information on these two bills from Representative Stinnett. 

Pictured below are a group of advocates with Representative Melanie Stinnett from across the state who testified on these two bills.

Now What?

There is still advocacy needed with members of the Healthcare Reform Committee. If this bill is important to you, you can contact members of this committee and tell them your experiences with employment and access to healthcare.

You can do this by:

  1. Take a look at the members of this committee? Are any of them in your district? If so, contact them!
  2. No one in your district serves on this committee? No worries! Contact the Chair, Representative Kent Haden.
  3. Contact the bill sponsor, Representative Melanie Stinnett.